Opposition in Pilates and Yoga | The Author
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The Author

Experienced Teacher

Marie-Claire has worked in the fitness industry since 1998 in a number of different disciplines. She has owned her own studios  and worked alongside a popular fitness training company to bring high quality teacher training to the whole of the UK.  Other work included Associate Lecturer at University College Chichester on the Sports Biomechanics program and as a Fitness Presenter at conventions held around the UK.

In 2012 she travelled to the U.S. to train alongside those who were educated by Joseph Pilates himself and has specifically worked with individuals who had injuries, pre- and post-surgery and illnesses such as cancer and multiple sclerosis.

Dedicated to supporting individuals

In 2014 an accident forced her to move away from teaching every day for a couple of years.  However, her business today; ‘The Movement Specialist’ is now dedicated to supporting individuals who have suffered illness or injury.  She also works with individuals wishing to improve strength and flexibility; she works with children/the elderly and everything in between.  She remains active in the support of those wishing to advance their careers; offering foundational teacher training in Pilates and Yoga (with YBFIT Training) as well as CPD, plus she offers business support and advice.

Mostly, Marie-Claire works privately on a ‘referral’ basis with people who would like to participate in generalized mat classes but feel that their physical restrictions are holding them back.

Classes remain accessible for all and are run in conjunction with a local Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic.