Opposition in Pilates and Yoga | Why I Wrote The Book
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Why I Wrote The Book

I wanted people to ‘feel’ movement

I have always taught in this way. It’s different to the contrived nature in which I was taught. i.e. ‘Breathe in here, do this here, do that there…’ I wanted people to ‘feel’ movement rather than ‘execute’ it. I want the muscles to ‘respond’ and be ‘reactive’ to different stimuli in the way that they should behave in our daily lives.

I want to help people to understand that their physical differences are fine, they are normal; and by stripping out the concept that ‘you should feel this exercise in this way’ it makes the 2 practices (Pilates & Yoga) more accessible. The way you feel an exercise often depends on how you are put together in the first place.  There is no substitute for professional input but I’m hoping this book gives you a different perspective…